Terms of use

Terms and Conditions of Use

Basic conditions

  1. The Terms and Conditions of Use apply to the www.darts-market.com website, all its subdomains and web pages and mobile applications belonging to the domain www.darts-market.com, hereinafter referred to as the Darts Market website.
  2. The Darts Market website is the property of the company Ravus d.o.o., hereinafter referred to as Darts Market.
  3. A user is anyone who accesses and/or uses the services of the Darts Market website, including unregistered users, registered users and business entities that use the services of Darts Market pursuant to a contractual relationship.

General conditions

  1. By accessing these web pages, you accept all the terms and conditions of use of the Darts Market website. We reserve the right to change, modify and supplement the terms of use of these web pages at any time. The changes enter into force at the time of publication. The user is obliged to regularly read the Terms and Conditions of Use and by accessing the Darts Market website, is deemed to be acquainted with the current rules and conditions of their use.
  2. In order to use the services of the Darts Market website, the user undertakes to create an account and fill in the necessary information and contact information in the registration form. The collection of requested data is carried out in accordance with the needs of the service that the user created an account for.
  3. The user guarantees the accuracy of the provided information with criminal and substantive liability and is obliged to keep the information accurate and up-to-date. By creating an account on Darts Market, the user allows the storage, use and processing of the provided data for the purpose of system operation, sending system messages and communication with customer support via email and phone. Darts Market undertakes to use this data only for the purposes for which it was obtained and in accordance with relevant regulations.
  4. The user has the right to request the closure of their account and the deletion of data at any time. Darts Market will close that user’s account and remove their advertisements 72 hours after the request is submitted, unless within that period the user withdraws from closing the account. All notifications about the procedure of closing the account and deleting data the user will receive to the e-mail address that they provided for the purpose of using the services of the Darts Market website.
  5. Darts Market takes care of the protection of personal data in accordance with applicable regulations and the Privacy Policy, which explains the collection of personal data, their use, security, storage, deletion, transfer and use of tools in more detail. Business entities that are users of Darts Market services are fully responsible for the personal data they collect and enter and are obliged to inform the persons whose data they enter with the purpose and legal basis of the processing of their data. Business entities are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of the entered personal data, and personal users who use the Darts Market services on behalf of a business entity can exercise all rights through the contact information provided with the account.
  6. The user is obliged to take care of the security of their user password and to occasionally change it. The user is fully responsible for all damage caused by unauthorized use of access rights, as well as all content published under their username. Darts Market is not responsible for cases of password misuse, but as soon as the user reports possible misuse, it can act accordingly.
  7. Darts Market is authorized at any time to close the account of those users who violate these Terms and Conditions of Use or otherwise slow down or interfere with the operation of the Darts Market website. If an account has been inactive for two years, Darts Market will get in contact with the user using any of the user information that they provided during account creation, in order to confirm whether they want to continue using the account. If the user does not confirm that they want to continue using the account or does not respond, or if the user cannot be contacted using any of their information within a period determined by Darts Market, Darts Market is authorized to close the account immediately and initiate data deletion.
  8. All posts, advertisements, messages, texts, displays, photos, videos, offers, catalogs, vouchers and other material (hereinafter: content) published on the web pages, transferred via the web pages or associated with an electronic link (link) from the web pages, are solely the responsibility of the person or company from whom such content originated. Darts Market makes no warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of such content. In case of any third party claims for damages or on any other basis related to the content submitted by the user, the user assumes full responsibility, as well as the obligation to undertake all actions to defend and protect Darts Market from all such claims. The user undertakes to reimburse Darts Market for any expenses as well as all damages that would result from third party claims and on any basis related to the material from the user.
  9. It is forbidden to order and publish content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory or in any way harmful to minors. Content that contains personal information of other persons without their express consent is not permitted. The user undertakes not to publish content that is in violation of the law. In particular, the user undertakes not to sell and advertise the sale of goods or the provision of services that would infringe copyright and related rights of third parties.
  10. All possible disputes arising from the relation between the Darts Market user and the advertisers (arising due to the veracity of information about the user or the content of the offer, the item, the offer price, the duration of a sale, etc.) are resolved exclusively between users. Darts Market is not responsible for any damage of any kind, arisen as a result of such relations.
  11. Darts Market uses and analyzes the data it has about its users, including data on user interests, activities and views in order to improve its service and to select and personalize advertisements and other marketing communications that promote Darts Market products and services.
  12. No part of the Darts Market website may be copied or used, including the information provided by the users, without prior written permission of Darts Market.
  13. Darts Market is not responsible for any damage that could occur due to a temporary disruption, non-publication or deletion of content or misuse of publicly available data.
  14. Darts Market is not responsible for any expenses that may be incurred by the user, which may arise due to the use of the Darts Market website and the Darts Market mobile application.
  15. The Darts Market website contains links to websites of other servers. Darts Market is not responsible for the content of third party websites, does not guarantee and does not take responsibility for harmful, illegal content or other violations of the law on third party websites. Darts Market will remove any link or content as soon as possible after it is fully convinced that it violates positive legal regulations or is in any way harmful or undesirable.

Submission of advertisements on Darts Market

  1. Darts Market is intended for publication of advertisements and related services that will enable the most efficient publication and search of advertisements. By submitting a request for the publication of an advertisement, the user agrees to publish their personal information alongside the advertisement on Darts Market, as they set in the settings or wrote in the content of the advertisement, which can be seen by all persons who have access to the internet. The user can request deletion of an advertisement for any reason by logging into their account and confirming the deletion of the advertisement.
  2. Advertisements must be written in English language.
  3. Lists of products are not permitted. Only one item that is being sold is allowed to be in one advertisement, unless it is a set.
  4. Content wise, the advertisement must belong to an appropriate section.
  5. The title of the advertisement must describe the item that is being sold. Titles of other websites or more of the same characters in a row (e.g., *** dartboard ***) are not allowed to be in the title.
  6. Advertisements inviting you to participate in multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes are not permitted. Likewise, advertisements calling for unauthorized games of chance playing are not permitted.
  7. A user can have only one username and can submit only one advertisement for one item. Changing the item that is being advertised within a leased advertising package or product, and posting advertisements for the same item in two different sections is not permitted. Account username can only be used once for account creation.
  8. Darts Market reserves the right to delete or not publish advertisements that do not meet certain criteria or are in conflict with these terms and conditions.
  9. Darts Market has the right to remove, edit, modify or refuse to publish an advertisement without notice and that will happen in the following circumstances:
  • when an advertisement is in the wrong section
  • when a product and/or an advertiser infringes copyright and/or other intellectual property rights
  • when a product can cause damage and/or in any way infringe intellectual property rights of somebody else
  • when a product and/or content of an advertisement contains discriminatory aspects, (child) pornographic material or illegal material under Croatian law
  • when the content of one advertisement contains multiple products or services that are not correctly categorized
  • when an advertisement is offensive by any means
  • when an advertisement is suspicious in terms of advertising stolen or illegal goods
  • when an advertisement impairs the quality of the content in any way
  • when there is a suspicion of misuse of the Darts Market website
  • when a price stated in an advertisement is not the actual selling price
  • Darts Market reserves the right to change and supplement an advertisement without changing the content of the advertisement in question (proofreading interventions, supplementing information, etc.).

Posting an advertisement

  1. By posting an advertisement on the Darts Market website, the user undertakes to conscientiously respond to inquiries from other users by email. The user must have an active email address where they regularly check emails.
  2. By requesting to post an advertisement, users irrevocably authorize Darts Market to use, copy, publish and distribute this content in other media. Darts Market will not post the user’s personal information in other media, but will only post the content of the advertisement and the link on the Darts Market website.
  3. It is not possible to get a refund or use paid funds for the unused part of paid advertisements, or a refund of funds that users have on Darts Market Balance in case of account closure, deletion and deactivation of advertisements due to violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use. Funds paid into the Darts Market account can be used exclusively for advertising on the Darts Market website.
  4. Darts Market does not guarantee that a user will be able to access the content of their advertisement once it expires. Therefore, it is recommended that the user stores the content and photos of the advertisement so that they can later use them in another context.
  5. Electronic communication between Darts Market users is intended for conversations related to the product or service offered in the advertisement, with the objective of:
  • informing about advertisement details
  • concluding a transaction, i.e., a trade related to the advertised product or service
  • informing about other products or services if the advertiser is a business user.

In written communication on Darts Market, users are obliged to:

  • regularly check and promptly respond to incoming inquiries from other users
  • before sending an offer related to a particular advertisement, read the detailed description of the advertisement and form the offer according to details indicated in the advertisement itself.

In written communication on Darts Market, users are not allowed to:

  • promote other services and products
  • send links to other websites
  • offer mediation in sale or rental
  • send offers for a business cooperation that is not advertised
  • use someone else’s name or email address, impersonate or otherwise mislead another user into contacting a third party, institution or business entity
  • ask for help, donations or sponsorships
  • negotiate prices with other advertisers
  • swear, send offensive messages and use hate speech
  • send threatening messages or intimidate
  • use robots or scripts to automatically send multiple messages.

To protect users, prevent misuse of communication, detect spam and malware and develop Darts Market products, Darts Market reserves the right without notice:

  • to check and analyze the content of messages (including related emails)
  • to temporarily keep messages and delay their delivery to recipients
  • to permanently cancel the delivery of messages to recipients
  • to exclude a user or prevent them from further communicating via messages.
  • messages older than 2 years are permanently deleted

Final conditions

These Terms of Use apply and are valid as of September 17, 2021.



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